Hsiao-Nung (Nora) Liu

Nora's pictureHsiao-Nung (Nora) Liu is a Licensed Mental Health Counselor, an Asian/Pacific-Islander Ethnic Minority Mental Health Specialist and a Washington state-approved supervisor for mental health professionals working towards LMHC.

Education and Experience: Nora graduated from Indiana University-Bloomington, with a master’s degree in counseling.

Languages: English, Mandarin and Taiwanese.

Background: Growing up in Taiwan and pursuing an education in the United States, I am honored to work with people from diverse API backgrounds and have been practicing counseling in the United States since 2006. I specialize in working with individuals ages 18 and above who are struggling with depression, anxiety, marital problems, acculturation challenges, parenting issues, stress management, grief and loss, postpartum mental health support and many other challenges. Additionally, I have provided clinical supervision to mental health therapists since 2012.

Philosophy: My primary therapeutic approaches are Cognitive Behavioral Therapy and Motional Interviewing, but I also utilize other modalities that fit each individual’s needs. We all have ups and downs in different phases of our life. I see therapy as a collaborative process, and as a therapist, my job is to work with individuals to explore their strengths and to gain coping skills, improving their quality of life.