Hye Young Kim

Hye Young Kim, MS, LMHC, is a Licensed Mental Health Counselor with a background in marriage and family therapy.Hye Young Kim

Education and Experience: Hye Young completed her Master’s degree in Marriage and Family Therapy  at Seattle Pacific University in 2010.

Languages: English, Korean.

Background: As an immigrant from Korea, Hye Young understands the barriers as families adjust to life, and thrive, in the U.S without giving up their cultures and languages. She provides culturally competent counseling to assist each individual to build healthier relationship in their family community and society.

Philosophy: Hye Young specializes in individual, couples and family therapy with mental health diagnoses as well as relational conflicts. Her work is rooted in the belief that the family is a fundamental yet the most important and influential factor for each individual’s physical and emotional well being. As a supportive and compassionate facilitator, she helps each individual uncover his/her potential and bring the best out to live fully. She also provides life skills her clients can use on their own throughout their life journey.


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