Welcome to ACRS Therapy Associates

hope. heal. thrive.

ACRS Therapist Associates (TA) program promotes wellness and the psychological health of our community members through effective therapy and other culturally competent services.

ACRS TA is committed to helping our clients achieve their personal goals and lead a quality life.  People seek therapy services for a wide variety of  reasons, including depression and anxiety; life crises; parenting problems; identity issues; relationships; difficulty with loss and other transitions, sexual choices; and many other issues. We treat everyone with respect and sensitivity, providing effective therapy that values diversity.

who are we?

Our licensed marriage and family therapists, licensed mental health counselors, and psychiatric medical staff are culturally, linguistically and clinically competent to serve multiple generations, from American-born to recent immigrants and refugees. They themselves are members of the first, 1.5 and second immigrant generations.

why choose us?

Asian Counseling and Referral Service has been serving the Asian Pacific Islander Community in Washington state for 40 years, and has the reputation of providing crucial social and behavioral health services to communities that might find such topics difficult to bring up. With Affordable Care Act reforms taking hold, ACRS TA allows us to better handle the increased numbers of community members with benefits. Our designated, licensed therapists can tailor focused therapy services for community members who use insurance or pay out of pocket. The program has built the capacity to contract and manage multiple insurance companies, which allows us to serve people with varying health benefits.

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